Col Associates harnesses the power of skilled staffing professionals and technology to provide for all of our client companies Direct Hire (permanent), Contract needs and Contract to Permanent needs. 

We help to keep the clients operation thriving at every stage of their business cycle.  We provide a full range of solutions for delivering the most cost effective supplemental staffing services in the marketplace.

We have the depth of experience and technology knowhow to recruit the best and the brightest people across a broad range of industries and skill sets.  
We have a rigorous screening and evaluation process to ensure that our candidates meet the quality and compliance standards that are essential to success.  Our mission is to source, screen, and deliver the right candidates who exceed all expectations.  

To achieve these goals we have developed a process wherein we work with our clients to thoroughly understand their business, its needs, and culture.  Based on that understanding we are able to provide our client companies with candidates who will excel in their environment.

We work to identify key aspects of business that impact the hiring process. In particular, we will focus on obtaining:  

· An overview of the business, objectives and key drivers of the staffing need
· A targeted understanding of the position to be filled
· Insight into the firms’ culture and the characteristics of candidates who will perform at the highest ranks of the organization

Increase health information sharing between providers, laboratories, pharmacies, and patients.

Once we have the necessary insight into the company’s hiring needs we will engage the second phase of our process.  This involves a series of steps including:  

.Conducting in depth interviews with the candidate to make  a final eligibility determination.
·Screening our candidates for skills, experience, and expertise. 
·Confirming the candidate’s work and education history and references.

Candidates who achieve the highest combined score following these steps will be forwarded to our client company.  Along with the candidate information we will also share data accrued through our selection process.

Employee Candidate Referral Program:

CoL Associates, LLC offers fees to individuals who recommend a colleague or friend who is successfully placed within one of our Organizations/Institutions.

Our firm has discovered that the best source of candidates is our relationships with Health Information Professionals/ or IT Professionals who are currently employed or whom we have worked within the past.

Our Referral Program pays you a excellent fee once a candidate is hired.

Please call us if you have candidates that are looking for positions in the continental U.S. If you have any questions about our fees and for more details please call 917-710-5399 or e-mail us at Info@colassociates.com

Thank you